Student FeedbackThe J.J. Robinson Trust was set up in 1996 on the Caribbean island of Grenada to help young people from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds get off to a better start in life. It does this primarily by:
  • Providing grants to secondary schools and college students to buy school books pay for exam fees and bus fares. 65 students are receiving support to continue their education at senior school, tertiany and vocational colleges and University.
  • Supplying essential learning materials to the island’s schools and colleges.
  • Ensuring every penny donated to the Trust goes directly to help needy children, as the Trust is run entirely by volunteers and has no administrative overheads.


Dear Mrs JJ Robinson I hereby would like to thank you very much for sponsoring me the money which has enabled me to sit my Pitman exams. I have received a pass in English, but in the Mathematics area I have failed…

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