The J.J. Robinson Trust focuses on practical measures to improve access to education for disadvantaged young people in Grenada. This takes the form of:

the Trust makes grants to individuals who would otherwise not be able to pursue educational
opportunities. In Grenada college students have to buy their own books and both school and college have to pay for examination fees. This can be an obstacle for many who want to go on to higher education or vocational training. This year, the J.J. Robinson Trust will make grants to 61 young Grenadians to enable them to continue their education.

the Trust provides support for a range of educational institutions. Most of Grenada’s schools were damaged by Hurricanes Ivan and Emily and it will take years to rebuild them all completely. The J.J. Robinson Trust is helping them recover from the hurricane damage and improve their teaching resources through grants which include:

the Trust also works to foster links between Grenadian and UK schools and organisations to promote cultural exchange and mutual help. Several Hampshire schools now have well-established links with schools in Grenada . Two Brownie packs from the UK and St George’s have also forged a special link, exchanging regular letters and photos and students at St Mark’s Secondary School are being found penpals in the UK.

If you would like your school to join the twinning programme contact us: email