25th Anniversary of the JJ Robinson Trust
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the JJR Robinson board met for a cocktail at Le Phare Bleu.

Mrs. Jean Robinson, the president of the Trust gave a speech:

Dear Friends, Whow haven’t we come a long way, who would have thought when we registered the J.J. Robinson Trust in 1996 we would be here 25 years later. We still have some of the original members here today Brenda Hood Jill Evens and Margaret Wilkinson our solicitor, Sir Lyle St. Paul would love to be here but can well remember how we all gathered in his chambers 25 years ago.
We must not forget our solicitor in the UK for all his hard work putting us on the right path thank you and Philomena for their continued support over the years helping the teenagers of Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique. We must not forget those who are no longer with us Jim Robinson, Leo, and Thea te Boekhorst.
Thank you to all our past and present board members who continue to work hard for the trust for without them the Trust would not be able to continue. I would also like to thank all our sponsors for supporting us over the years whenever we ask for help no matter how small or large they always come up with trumps.
Our countless stories are incredible not only have we help 1,000 students but most if not all are in employment. We are helping 65 students at this time. Because of our success and with the help of Daniela and some of our ex-students we are now able to form an Alumni. Please let me introduce our new Alumni committee. Can I introduce Kerry-Ann to explain their plans.
On behalf of the students of Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique Please raise your glasses to the past 25years and the next 25.

Mrs. Jean Robinson handed over the word to Kerry-Ann Frank. Kerry-Ann is one of our previous students, she studied Agronomy in China. She and some of our other previous students launched an Alumni Association:
We have been helped ourselves and we are now in a position to support the Trust and help others along the path to fulfilling their dreams.

The purpose of the Alumni is:

1) Fundraising via past students – bronze, silver, gold, platinum levels of contributions, past students would get pledges from various businesses

2) Networking – help with career opportunities, development of CVs, college admissions, networking within ourselves

3) Mentorship program – a support network for current students aside from parents, relatives, close friends